Thursday, February 25, 2010

'Gina Gems

There's finally an invention for all you ladies out there who have been waiting years to bedazzle your vajazzle. From flowers to peace signs to butterflies, these Swarovski crystals are the latest craze in vagwear and come in a variety of patterns. Where's the pattern that spells out "I'm a f*in idiot for wearing these"??

For anyone who's been afraid to bear their lady bits, fear no more: "The decor makes them feel less inhibited about being seen naked in the bedroom or when skinny dipping in front of a crowd." Last I checked, skinny dipping is meant to be a spontaneous peeling off of the clothes as you run/jump/dive into the nearest body of water rather than a "hold on a sec while I go bling out my beaver" sort of thing.

And just in case you're afraid of committing to the financial investment these require, the crystals supposedly stay put on the poon for a whole five days, giving girls plenty of time to show off your glittery goods.

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