Friday, May 14, 2010

How to Look Like an A-hole at the Bar

And the stupid inventions never end folks! A college student in Scotland came up with "The Sound Bubble", a "solution" for chatty pub patrons who can't hear their friends.

I use the word solution very loosely because this sounds more like a problem to me. Designed to block out backgroud noise, it's a clear plastic helmet that covers everything from the neck up.

"There's that frustrating situation of trying to catch up with a friend in a busy bar. You want to hear their news and have a proper chat, but you have to shout over the din of music, chatter and clinking glasses," said inventor Elaine McLuskey, 23. Newsflash Elaine: if you're wearing this idiotic piece of shit then you shouldn't be in a bar or even in public for that matter. Plus you're a dbag for using the word din.

How are you supposed to bump and grind with people if you're wearing a fishbowl on your head? Elaine has clearly been experiencing a 23-year dry spell. She makes me embarassed to be Scottish.

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