Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rice Boobs

MYTH: The Japanese are one of the most fashion forward cultures in the world.
FACT: The Japanese have recently invented a bra that allows wearers to grow their own rice in plastic pots that double as the cups.

Must be some sort of attempt to distract the rest of the world from the fact that most of their women are lacking in the chest department, suffering through life with indents or mosquito bites at best.

This thing turns the idea of fashion over function right on its damn head. The pots can be filled with soil and rice seedlings, and the a-hole wearer waters the rice with a hose that doubles as a belt. If you ask me, you're better off wearing no damn bra at all and letting those headlights glare right through for the whole world to see.

A spokesperson for the company behind the bra tries to justify their reasoning, claiming that young Japanese women have taken a tremendous interest in agriculture over the past year. If you're that interested in agriculture then pick up a damn hoe, hoe, and get to work!

I'd rather wear the sushi set or solar paneled bra that the same company makes. At least I'd get a good meal or sweet tan out of the deal.

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