Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nip Nonsense

Call me crazy but I thought the goal was to avoid having hard nipples in public, not show them off. Apparently I was mistaken as crackhead ladies are not only wanting to flaunt their nips, but going so far as to BUY (yes, spend real money) on equipment that will help them do just that.

For ladies who want permanently hard bitties, Bodyperks Nipple Enhancers makes silicon nipples worn over real nipples so women can literally pop out in a crowd. Similar to a mini suction cup, these are kind of like party hats for the twins. And who the hell doesn't like party hats?

Weird, I thought I was the only one that did the Statue of Liberty every time I got hard nitties.

They even come in every flavor -



Like their website says, "Men love nipples! The possibilities for fun are endless! Whether you're out on the town or playing volleyball, bodyperks comfortably stay in place and give you the added attraction of playful, fun breasts."

Dont leave home without 'em, you wouldnt want to get caught on the volleyball court without hard nips now would you?? For $20, I personally think you're better off sticking a couple of Hershey kisses in your bra. At least that way you'll have a snack later on.

P.S. Check out the girls they have as "models" on their website. Woof. These chicks have bigger problems to worry about then hard nips.

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