Friday, March 12, 2010

A-hole Invention of the Week

Bringing you ladies the latest fashion ass-essory, just in time for the weekend! Now appearing on every girl's wishlist: a baseball cap with built-in ponytail.

Are you f*in kidding me? If you're feeling grungy/sporty enough to wear a baseball cap in the first place, the perfectly curled platinum blonde ponytail poking out is entirely unnecessary. Not to mention, the synthetic hair looks so fake that a blind person couldn't help but notice. Unfortunately these only come in blonde. Fine for me but sure sucks for you brunettes/gingers out there.

If you're dumb enough to buy this in the first place, then you're probably dumb enough to spend the $17 on it. Didn't realize it cost that much to make Chinese toddlers put these together in sweatshops. If you're feeling really bold and willing to take a fashion risk, feel free to ghetto-ize this even further by cutting out your favorite team's logo and securing it to the front of the hat with tape/glue/bubblegum.

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