Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You call this art?

Stupid creation of the week: Vagina Plaques

That's right girls - if staring at your lady bits all day wasn't enough, now you and everybody else can forever gawk at your girl parts. The artist behind these uses clay and fur mounted on a wooden plaque to make these vag molds. What would compel one to do such a thing you might ask? The artist's friend Pussy Face (yes that's her actual nickname)got pencil stabbed in the vag by her bro and was left with a nasty scar.

To show Pussy Face that her damaged goods were not so damaged after all, the artist created a poon plaque for her. Good attempt artist friend but if you were a real pal, you would've grabbed the closest staple remover/hole puncher/office supply and used it to castrate the pervy brother.

In true artistic form, these come in a variety of hair colors and styles to ensure that the plaque matches the carpet. With so many varieties, these make great gifts for everyone on your Mother's Day/bday/Christmas shopping list:

For your dog:

For your g-ma:

For the troll in your life:

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