Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day #8: Top Tools of 2009

8. Jon & Kate (minus 8)

Her: An overbearing, anal retentive ex-wife and mother who needs a stronger dose of Valium (and to never let anyone see her prego or pre-tummy tuck ever again)


Him: A sloppy man slut who preys on young, media-whore women and missed the memo that Ed Hardy tees went out of style with trucker hats


I can't say I blame them for being such terrible individuals, they're from east bumblef*ck PA and probably had nothing better to do than suck at life. I do blame them for the media circus they have thrown their adorable kids into. If they really wanna create a buzz, Jon should start bangin Octomom. The only good that came out of 2009 for the Gosselins was Kate's new haircut...

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