Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day #7: Top Tools of 2009

7. Kanye West

And the award for Cockiest Cockhead of 2009 goes to...wait, is he gonna interrupt me and say that Beyonce really deserved this one too? I'm surprised this tool hasn't told Obama he's not worthy of the presidency. No matter what way you shake it, his little stunt at the VMAs was a dick move. The worst part was he wasn't stealing the thunder from any old pop-singing slut, it was young, innocent little Taylor. This dbag needs to pick on someone his own size. Unless him and Beyonce are secretly smushing, there's no reason he should feel that strongly about the Single Ladies video. Please Kanye, put the bottle of Hennessy away and sit the hell down.

Side note: Thank you Beyonce for being such a class act and attempting to salvage at least some of TSwift's nite.

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